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Learning Java from scratch

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and good Java Programmers are one of the most sought after IT professionals today. This however does not mean that learning Java is a hard thing to accomplish, much the opposite, Java is an easy to learn programming language, with simple concepts and easy to understand syntax.

Keep also in mind that programming is so much more than just writing code in a particular syntax. Most of the time it is more of a way of approaching a problem, breaking it down into smaller pieces, and imagining structures and algorithms. It is therefore mostly an abstract and imagination exercise. This mental dexterity comes from experience, understanding what is going on, and doing the same thing over and over again. Yes, practice does make perfect!

To make this journey as exciting as possible we'll try to add a few interesting projects during the tutorials, but the examples in the first tutorials will be really really simple, but please don't despair! To run, we must first learn how to walk.

Beginner Level : Part 1

If you are really new to Java, or even to programming in general, this is where you should start. These tutorials will cover the absolute basics of programming and Java, will give you an overview of core concepts, and get you to start writing code.

  1. Tutorial 1 - Introduction - The absolute basics: What is Java, JDK, etc
  2. Tutorial 2 - Hello World - What is a Class, compiling, running
  3. Tutorial 3 - Variables - First look at Primitive Variables and Operators
  4. Tutorial 4 - Classes, Constructors and Methods - Creating objects and calling methods
  5. Tutorial 5 - Packages and Access Modifyiers - Public, Private , Protected , Package Level
  6. Tutorial 6 - Arrays - Understanding and working with Arrays
  7. Tutorial 7 - Starting Flow Control - If statements and Switch statements

Beginner Level : Part 1 Exercises

  • Coming very soon

Beginner Level : Part 2

  1. (COMING SOON) Tutorial 8 - Loops - "For" loops, "While" loops, "Do while" loops
  2. (COMING SOON) Tutorial 9 - Reference Variables - Passing by reference
  3. (COMING SOON) Tutorial 10 - Object-Oriented Notions - Interfaces, Abstract classes.
  4. (COMING SOON) Tutorial 11 - Static! - Understanding static
  5. (COMING SOON) Tutorial 12 - Exceptions

Beginner Level : Part 2 Exercises

  • Coming very soon